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The Great Tunnel In Catalan Bay Gibraltar

Mar 21st, 2013 | By | Category: Sightseeing

The Great Tunnel In Catalan Bay GibraltarThe Dudley Ward Tunnel, named after Sir Alfred Dudley Ward, runs through the Rock of Gibraltar, the south easterly aspects. The tunnel was named after Sir Ward for his governorship of Gibraltar which ran from 1962-1965.

The road tunnel links the eastern aspects of Gibraltar with Europa Point, and includes Catalan Bay, Sandy Bay and takes its path along the Sir Herbert Miles Road, ending up at the southern most tip of Gibraltar at Europa Point.

The tunnel was used to ease traffic in Gibraltar, and was in fact a well used tunnel simply for those reasons.

At some point in February of 2002, a landslide took place just before the tunnels entrance way, which killed a man who had been traveling inside his car in the tunnel. A second victim was treated for shock at the same time.

Due to this injury and death, albeit the investigation showed it to be likely caused by the heavier rains that had taken place the weekend before, the tunnel was closed.

In the beginning the closure was said to be only temporary, however the government of Gibraltar, fearing that like issues could recur, said within days that the tunnel accident was very likely to be repeated, and as such, indefinite closure was the best option. That closure remains in effect today.

In 2007 the Government of Gibraltar suggested reopening that tunnel in an effort to ease traffic flow which had become more congested near the new residential development in Rosia area.

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