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Scuba Diving in Gibraltar

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Your visit to Gibraltar holds a lot more in store than just the history and landscape if you care to expend a little more time and energy to permit it to do so. The above ground attractions of Gibraltar are amazing enough, but when you broaden your horizons and permit yourself to explore a little deeper into the underwater aspects of Gibraltar, you will truly find a whole new world opening up that offers almost more than that which lies above the waters surface.

Scuba Diving in GibraltarGibraltar diving schools are among the best in the world today, and feature dives for the beginner, the advanced and the very experienced open water diver, as well as wreck divers. There are various diving schools that will permit you to try out your new sport, give you on site lessons, and see to it that you have all the equipment you may need to safely dive the wrecks of Gibraltar. They offer equipment rental so complete that all you need to bring with you when you arrive is a towel.

If you are, however an experienced diver and you would prefer to bring your own equipment with you, there is absolutely no restriction what so ever in bringing your own diving equipment to Gibraltar with you.

Gibraltar features one of the most spectacular underwater scenery in the world today, and for the diver, it features a vast array of things to see and explore. There are more than thirty wrecks off the coast of Gibraltar that the diver will have the opportunity to visit and explore.

For the beginning diver there is everything available for you from “trying a dive” type lessons to advanced instruction when you feel comfortable with your skills. There is a great deal to see under the water, not the least of which are the wrecks.

Obtaining your qualifications in scuba diving in Gibraltar is easily accomplished with various schools offering three types of certifications available for those who would like to try diving instruction, including NAUI, PADI or BSAC. As a gateway to the Mediterranean, the seas around Gibraltar are very temperate, and so, offer an amazing array of diversity in the sea life that is viewable to the diver in Gibraltar.

Scuba Diving in GibraltarThere is a constant and vast water turnover from the oceans which means that Gibraltar, and you, will enjoy a waterway simply teeming with sea life, including the vibrantly colored fish, as well as the more rare denizens of the deep, the octopus, moray eels, a host of rays along with sunfish, bass and mullets.

One favorite place for every one who dives is the reef known as Europa Reef in Gibraltar, which offers the more adventurous underwater explorer the chance to find caves, drop offs and to see actual anchors of Phoenician and Roman ships that still remain scattered over the bottom of the sea floor.

Seven sisters, another favorite is a series of rocky pinnacles that are situated near the shore and will suite both novice and experienced diver, offer them a breath taking variety of coral and other sea life, which is readily photographed and lends itself well to night diving.

Don’t miss the chance to view underwater Gibraltar by at least taking a few lessons and diving in the novice category to see what the undersea side of Gibraltar holds. You won’t regret taking the opportunity to dive Gibraltar.

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