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Dolphin & Whale Tours

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Dolphin and Whale Tours in Gibraltar

A watery gate that bears the connection between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea, the Strait of Gibraltar is in fact one of the most busy routes for shipping the world over. Each year, more than fifty thousand ships pass through the Strait of Gibraltar, making it a marvel in and of itself that this is among the most prolific routes for whales and the best place to see whales and dolphins in all of Europe.

There are multiple operators of dolphin and whale watching tour boats which make trips out into the strait of Gibraltar, and keep tabs on where the whales and dolphins are going to appear on any given day, offering you the chance to interact with these amazing sea creatures.

Dolphin and Whale Tours and Safaris in GibraltarThe cost for the tours is generally not at all exorbitant, costing about 20 to 35 Euros for a two hour tour. Quite often if you see no whales or dolphins during your trip the whale watching tours of Gibraltar will refund your money for the trip, meaning that they are quite good at making sure that you see what you came to see.

While you’re visiting Gibraltar or southern Spain, make it a point to go out on a whale watching or dolphin watching excursion in Gibraltar. The chance to view these fantastic creatures of the deep is one that should not be missed!

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